Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Crappy Day

Hard to imagine that today could be called Happy. But we might as well take it in stride! I just completed 9 years without my lover boy Bert. Man oh man! I like to head to our St. David home and have my alone time on this most sad anniversary... it's okay to mourn one day out of the year right?! And there are tears of longing and pain but they are quickly overshadowed with faith and hope for a brighter tomorrow.
Tara took the day off to be with me and we shared the day with Papa & Grandma. They are both feeling the pangs of old age and illness (which is why we only took 1 picture today). Papa had a project that we helped him with, we shared fun memories and Tara sang songs that Bert loves and we all enjoyed. We did a little housekeeping at the cemetery and enjoyed the beautiful San Pedro Valley with Bert very near us all day.
My parting comment is always the same...don't forget me darling! I can't wait to see you!

St. David cemetery visit in 2007 -
Zack, Papa, Arleen, Grandma, Tara.

Tara with her Papa

Fab Fam - Cousins are the Coolest!

My sweetie cousin Shelli Bates married off her only daughter Tawnie on August 12. I have the greatest family on earth! Here's some of the gang at both the shower and reception!

Party girl Tawnie with Shelli

Cousin Jeannie with my beautiful Mother

My happy temple-working-buddie cousin Metzi

Niece Amber Baysinger

My handsome, awesome, kissing-cousin John Cotter

Tara & Tamzon

My famous hairdresser cousin Dori with Don Riedlinger

Edwin Lamoreaux

Innovative cake & server!

Birthday Bash #3 - And the Star is....TAMRA!

Just a quickie regarding Tamra's special day! She documents everything so well on her blog that I don't need to. It's always a roaring party having everyone over for happy celebrations.

The 'grand boys' (and they really are!) get in on the birthday fun with boughten and homemade cakes.

Cousin friends Dallin & Daniel

Tara keeps us laughing!

Yum Yum!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August Birthday Bash #2

The kids rallied 'round to help the ol' Ma with things I can't do...fixing sprinklers, faucets and unplugging clogged drains. While Jordan and Calvin were working on projects the girls did their thing in the kitchen. I had fun trying to keep up with my adorable kids and taking pictures. The evening ended with Family Home Evening and great songs from everyone. Sneaking off to make trouble of their own in Grandma's closet, the youngest and smartest of the bunch...Bryce and Carter. Tara so consumed with finishing Stephenie Meyer's final Twilight segment (Breaking Dawn) that she can't bring herself to help with the festivities. Isn't it time to Bless the Food?? The Mothers Sanya & Tamra nearly finished with dinner prep.

Best friends - Carter & BryceKyle's winning smileDaniel showing off his karate skills w/Dallin taking up the rear. Who could resist this delicacy? Tamra grilled the perfect burger, Sanya added yummy condiments (just look at the Jack, avocado & green chili!) and I ate every bite…Yum!

My Daddy Had a Birthday!

And Mama wrote a poem!:

August 1, 2008
Happy 81st Birthday Dear Orland

Albert - 35; Zina - 32; Ila - 14; Inez - 14; Lorenzo - 11; Gerald - 10; Leonard - 8; Grace - 6; Aleen - 5; Dell - 3; Clair - 21 months.

In Woodruff town, straight south one mile from the Butte
Albert and Zina, parents to nine - (they bore good fruit)
Number 10 was coming (they were again sharing life)
All was in readiness – Aunt Lydia was mid-wife.

Did they hear the angels sing?
Did the bells in heaven ring?

The hour – 12:30 AM. The home was so small.
Were the children asleep? Who heard him first weep?
Did they know of his inner strength – his fate?
This day we gratefully celebrate!!

Eighty-one years since that eventful night –
‘Orland Reed Hatch’ – precious in God’s sight.
We give humble thanks to parents so brave
Who were selfless enough to give him life and a good name.

Orland, you work hard, are kind, thoughtful and love God
You cherish good music and family, and hold to the Rod.

And besides that, you are my top half
We cry, and oft-times laugh…
We’re way up this mountain we call life
I am so humbly grateful to be your wife.

I love you,